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Control and Discipline in the Malawi Young Pioneers

While addressing narrower questions of the evolution and development of Malawi Young Pioneers, this research seeks to broaden our perspective of the nature of state-society relations and how youth development programs are exploited as paramilitary tools during state crises.

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Predators or Protectors? Paramilitary Groups and State Formation in Afghanistan

Based on field research, original manuscripts, and interviews with paramilitary members, US and Afghan officials, Predators or Protectors offers a fascinating and new glimpse at when and why paramilitary groups in Afghanistan engage in protective or predatory behavior against the civilian population they are contracted to protect. This book comes at a critical time as the United States reconsiders its future South Asia presence and role in nation building after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Research Returns from War

There is no welcome home for a contentious U.S. Army program — the Human Terrain System — as its closure renews debate on the militarization of the social sciences.

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